Lake Ridge trails – new walking / running option

Lake Ridge Park - reservoir trail - Hedges Run  (2.75 mile loop)

Many Lake Ridge residents are aware of and use the trail section that runs along the reservoir from Lake Ridge Park.  A few years ago (in April 2012) that trail was extended to link up with the sidewalk on Hedges Run Drive.  It makes it possible to run or walk a 2.75 loop, as shown in this image:




Hedges Run - Mohican (2.6 mile loop)

The trail work completed on July 12, 2015 creates the opportunity to walk or run on another loop which is a combination of trail sections and sidewalks.  This is about a 2.6 mile loop, making use of the trail section between Hedges Run Drive and Mohican Road.





hedges end 13 Jul 2015And this is a closer view of the area where the trails intersect with Hedges Run Drive.