Monthly Archives: October 2017

Occoquan Greenway Hike – Oct 28, 2017

Ten years ago the PW Conservation Alliance sponsored the first McCoart to Occoquan hike, publicizing the plan to develop a public trail through several communities, and linking to the Town of Occoquan.  On Saturday, Oct 28, 2017, the Conservation Alliance and the PW Trails & Streams Coalition co-sponsored a 10-year anniversary hike, this time from Lake Ridge Park to the Town of Occoquan.  The hike highlighted the partnership between the Lake Ridge Parks and Recreation Association (LRPRA) and the PWC Parks Dept, a partnership which enables development of the major portion of the trail through LRPRA common area.  In addition, the hike highlighted progress on trail development, with work completed by both the Parks Dept and PWTSC volunteers.  And the hike showed the potential for further trail development into scenic areas along the Hooes Run section of the Occoquan reservoir.  About 35 hikers completed the seven mile route, finishing at River Mill Park in the Town of Occoquan.

National Public Lands Day – Sep 2017 – Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail

Here’s of photo gallery of the volunteers who worked on the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail on Sep 30, 2017.  The PWC Parks Dept purchased stones to be installed as steps on a steep slope along the trail.  The volunteers made good progress with the step project, and others completed trail clearing further up the trail.  The trail segment follows Powells Creek, near the  Powells Landing and Port Potomac communities in Woodbridge VA.