Support the Doves Landing Park master plan to expand the trail network and provide a canoe & kayak launch on Lake Jackson

Hello fellow friends, members, and trails enthusiast. Your help is needed to ensure that additional trails, an additional park entrance, and a public boat launch for canoes and kayaks is included in the plan for Doves Landing Park. Time is limited for your response! Please contact your select supervisor or BOCS Chair at Board of County Supervisors ( Your written concern will NOT go unnoticed. Please advocate for progress with our parks and recreation in Prince William County.

Please feel free to copy and paste and modify if desired the below templated request to the BOCS Chair or your selected supervisor:


Sir or Ma’am,

I have a valid concern that your decision to approve the proposed cultivated and calculated Doves Landing Park Master Plan presented by Prince William Department of Parks Recreation and Tourism may not be approved based on some concerns voiced via an un-sanctioned petition by a select group of citizens. How valid are these concerns? Are they personal or do they hold legit rationale to dissuade you from approving the proposed master plan? Many and several sanctioned public surveys have identified that a majority percentage of our PWC Residents want improved trails (both land and aquatic) and improved access to those trails. These studies and knowledgeable staff individuals have devoted time and effort into designing a project planning document which will significantly improve the ease of public access and availability to this area which is unique in all of NOVA Parks. In reasonable assessment, will these practical improvements to a much needed neglected and isolated park really incur a vast concern for increased visitation and burden on this community?  I implore your vote to approve the Doves Landing Master Plan presented by Mr Seth Hendler-Voss and PWDPRT staff.

Thank you,

___your name___


Direct email links to BOCS:

Some Key Points about Doves Landing Park and the Proposed Master Plan:

  • Dove’s Landing is a PWC regional park intended for all residents. It is located in mid-county, and has been maintained as a natural-resource based park.
  • Doves Landing Park has expanded due to land acquisition, and through proffers associated with the Preserve at Long Branch development.
  • PW BOCS approved the PWDPRT Open Space Master Plan 2020  and system wide master plan calls for increased water and trail access and the proposed Doves Landing Master Plan achieves those goals.
  • DPRT has developed a Master Plan for Doves Landing Park, and held public meetings in April and July 2022. DPRT has posted information on the Master Plan at:  Current Park Master Plan Projects (  A summary of public input from the April and July meetings is included
  • A map showing the expanded trail network, an additional park entrance point, and proposed kayak launch is here:  220902_DovesMasterPlanwithImages.pdf (
  • Public input indicates support for an expanded trail system, and public access to Lake Jackson for launching canoes and kayaks.  The dam which creates Lake Jackson is maintained at PWC taxpayer expense, yet there is no public access point to the lake.
  • DPRT will present the Master Plan to the PWC BOCS for approval on Oct 11, 2022.  The DPRT presentation will be available when the BOCS meeting agenda is posted, within the next few days. Click here for the  PW BOCS Agenda Webcast Podcast and Archives (
  • A Petition to Amend the Doves Landing Park’s Master Plan to Focus Public Access is being circulated, opposing the additional park entrance which enables access to the expanded trail network and other planned park facilities. This petition may influence the current master plan and affect your ease and ability to enjoy one of the most beautiful, diverse, and amazing blueways access points on Broad Run and Cedar Run just west of Lake Jackson with just minimal effort and cost.
  • Many aquatic enthusiasts are dissuaded from using Doves Landing due to the lack of an appropriate parking area with an adjacent launch ramp.

“It’s time we stop talking about trails and build them!” – Jason Williams