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Grand Opening – Neabsco Boardwalk – June 1, 2019

A large group gathered on Saturday, June 1, 2019 – National Trails Day – for the long-awaited opening of the Neabsco Creek Boardwalk. The boardwalk — which is three quarters of a mile long, 10-feet-wide, and elevated with a two-story observation deck — is part of the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail and the newly formed Neabsco Regional Park. The new park includes the Julie J. Metz Wetlands, the Rippon Lodge historic property and the Rippon Landing Neighborhood Park.

Results of the Occoquan cleanup – April 20, 2019

As part of the Occoquan cleanup on April 20, twenty volunteers worked from the LRPRA boat ramp on Hooes Run, paddling out to gather trash along the shore line, or walking the trail to clean up.  Another eight volunteers gathered trash from a site further upstream, along Old Bridge Road.  Thirty-five bags of trash, seven large dock floats, three tires and other items were collected at the boat ramp.  Another twenty bags of trash were collected by the group working upstream, near Old Bridge Road.  The bulk of the trash is plastic – bottles and other items.  Thanks to the volunteers who worked to remove some of the plastic pollution from the reservoir and Occoquan watershed. More information with results from the other cleanup sites on the Occoquan will be added soon.

Cleanup results, Neabsco Creek – March 2, 2019

About 100 volunteers came out on Saturday morning to help with the trash cleanup along Neabsco Creek, near Neabsco Eagles Park and Metz Wetlands. Over 230 bags of trash were gathered, mostly plastic bottles that had been carried into the flood plain by storm water during heavy rains. Other items collected during the cleanup were: 22 tires, four fire extinguishers, plastic buckets, and a plastic barrel.

We wish to acknowledge and thank all who participated or supported this event:

  • the volunteers who came out with friends, family members or just by themselves to help with the cleanup.
  • employees of Sev1Tech for their community service
  • the Prince William County Service Authority for opening their facility which allows easier access to the cleanup area.
  • PWC Public Works for hauling the trash away
  • and the PW Soil & Water Conservation District for publicizing the event and providing supplies.