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Work on Annie Snyder Connector Trail

Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (PATC) and the Manassas Bull Runners Trail Crew commenced development of a hiking only trail to be dedicated to Annie Snyder and connecting the Manassas National Battlefield Park to the Conway Robinson State Forest, mainly along the old unfinished railroad.    PWTSC provided several volunteers for this effort.

Fall, 2008 – James Long Park

Through late summer into fall 2008, PWTSC volunteers built approximately 2 additional miles of trails through the newly acquired 66 acres of woodland that is now part of James Long Park.

Silver Lake Property Workday

I very much enjoyed getting out this Saturday and helping the Prince William County Park Authority clean up the county land known as Silver Lake.  This property contains many of the natural recreational resources we very much need in PWC with a lake for fishing and swimming, 233 acres suited for multi-use trails, a wooded area north of the lake suited for tent camping, and many other exciting opportunities.  I was happy to spend 5 hrs of back breaking work in support of the County’s efforts to make this a reality for recreation of the citizens of Prince William County.

Work activities included:  removal of rotting decking materials from previous ownership; removal of baseball backstop, fallen batting cages, and soccer backstops; stacking of masonry materiel for recycling; and trash pickup.

Thank you everyone who contributed.