Trail network is extended along Broad Run in Bristow

100_1185 (2)Volunteers gathered on July 12 to open a new segment of trail in the Broad Run network, in Bristow VA.  Starting at the trail head parking area at the end of Hunting Cove Court (see map), the volunteers cleared the trail segment down to the recently completed bridge crossing the Rocky Branch stream, and then continued on down to the soon-to-be-completed bridge across Broad Run.  The PWC Parks and Recreation Dept installed the bridge over Rocky Branch last fall, and will complete the 120-foot bridge over Broad Run later this summer.  These are significant steps in connecting the existing trail segments on both sides of Broad Run, and in completing the trail network for residents of the communities in Bristow and the Linton Hall area.

New boardwalk on the PHNST in Powells Landing

100_1130The PWC Parks Department completed installation of new boardwalk over the winter months, on the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail.  Extensive sections of boardwalk were installed over wet areas of the trail, near the Powells Landing community (see map).  The Parks Dept obtained grant funds from the Virginia Dept of Conservation and Recreation for this project.  Additional improvements on the trail, near the Port Potomac community, are planned for later this year.


Tree planting at Powells Landing HOA, April 26

100_1118PWTSC was invited to participate in a reforestation project in the Powells Landing community, and 75 tree seedlings were planted on Saturday morning.  A resident of the community organized the event and along with a group of neighbors and PWTSC volunteers planted sycamore, white oak, and American elderberry at the site.  The site is near the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail, which follows Powells Creek and then connects to Leesylvania State Park.  Thanks to the PWC Office of the Virginia Cooperative Extension for providing the seedlings, and to the PWC Soil & Water Conservation District for providing protective tubes and mats.