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Neabsco Creek – Neabsco Eagles Park cleanup – March 2, 2019

We’re planning another cleanup of Neabsco Creek and Neabsco Eagles Park on Saturday, March 2, 2019.    Please click here to register.

Partners for this event are the Woodbridge Potomac Communities Civic Association and the PW Soil & Water Conservation District.

Meet at Neabsco Eagles Park, 15801 NEABSCO RD, WOODBRIDGE, VA 22191

Rain date is March 9, 2019. Contact for more information.

Cleanup results – Jefferson Park – November 17, 2018

About twenty-five volunteers came out on Saturday and removed trash from Jefferson Park, off Route 1 in Woodbridge.  Jefferson Park is a wooded parcel in the PWC Parks Dept inventory, currently undeveloped and with no established entry point.  Marumsco Creek flows through the parcel; storm water carries some trash into the area, other trash has accumulated over time.  PWC County Public Works provided a dumpster and a truck, and disposed of the collected trash.  The 30-yard dumpster was about 2/3 full, and the truck hauled away 23 tires, a propane tank, and miscellaneous large metal items.

Thanks to the volunteers who participated, ranging through the park to gather up and remove trash from this part of our community.  Thanks to the Garrett Companies for allowing us to stage the cleanup from their property.

Trash cleanup – Jefferson Park, Veteran’s Park & Marumsco Creek – Nov 17, 2018

On Saturday, November 17, 2018, we’ll partner with the PWC Parks & Recreation Department, PWC Dept of Public Works, and the PW Soil & Water Conservation District on a trash cleanup in the Woodbridge district.  We’ll focus on  Marumsco Creek, where it flows through Jefferson Park and Veteran’s Park.  The cleanup will be part of a larger public outreach event on Plastics Pollution Prevention and Cleanup, with educational exhibits setup at Veterans Park.

VETERAN’S PARK CLEANUP:  There will be cleanup opportunities throughout Veteran’s Park, both in the developed area and in Marumsco creek and its wetlands.  If you plan to participate in the Marumsco Creek and wetlands cleanup, be prepared for wet and muddy conditions.  Click here to register for the Veteran’s Park cleanup.  Volunteers will gather inside the park near the recreation center, and the pavilion across the street.

Veterans Memorial Park
14300 Veterans Drive
Woodbridge, VA 22191

JEFFERSON PARK CLEANUP:  Jefferson Park is an undeveloped PW County park, with limited access at this time.  For the cleanup, volunteers will gather at the Jefferson Plaza parking area, off of Route 1 in Woodbridge.  It is a 7-acre wooded parcel which includes a segment of Marumsco Creek.  The street address is 13729 JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY, WOODBRIDGE, VA 22191, and the meeting location for the cleanup is shown on the map below.  Click here to register for the cleanup in Jefferson Park.