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February, 2009 – Locust Shade Park

Before we started, there were a lot of downed logs and small trees that needed to be cleared to make a trail.  After a hard day of trail building, we added a 1.2 mile loop which connects to the original trail in the southern wooded area of Locust Shade Park. The new trail was built to support a single track with several pull off points to allow people to pass one another.

Conway Robinson State Forest Trail Workday

Hi everyone,

Had a great workday today with members of the Mid-Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts today at Conway Robinson Forest.  A number of portions of the blue blazed trail were becoming muddy and untenable.  Those areas were improved with the help of the local Park Ranger through the addition of gravel on the trails and large stones in the creek bed crossings.  These improvements should last for years to come.  I thank Barbara, Jim, Patrick, Scott, and the others for allowing me to enjoy them on this misty day.

I hope our paths will cross frequently in the future.

Happy Riding,