History 2008

In 2008, the citizen group began by focusing on the Eastern end of Prince William County, planning events for Neabsco Creek Trails. Residents along Andrew Leitch Park as well as other volunteer organizations were approached by PWTSC to make this park the next property to benefit from a National Trails Day event.

This year, the group also realized a need for standardized trail etiquette. After some discussion and research, the group put forward recommendations for Trail Safety Reminders for Hikers, Joggers, Bicyclists, and Horse Riders; Stay on the Trail; Do Not Disturb Plants and Wildlife; Pack Out Your Litter; and Respect Private Property. These ideas were the basis of future planning for trail etiquette.

After much input, the long awaited Chapter on Open Space, Parks and Trails was unanimously passed by the BOS on 26 February with a number of changes. Although not as complete as envisioned, it serves as a foundation on which to stand, a triumph for the citizens of Prince William County.

The summer of 2008 showed great progress for this group. The decision was made to become a charity non-profit organization whose mission would expand beyond support of the PWCPA to reach the goals of establishing and promoting use of a County-wide system of trails connecting Parks with our communities, and stream recreation. Zoe Vitter of Woodbridge took the helm as President, with other members taking on prominent roles and responsibilities. The Inaugural Board Members consisted of:

President – Zoe Vitter
Vice President – Scott Helberg
Secretary – Neil Nelson
Treasurer – Earnie Porta
Director of Eastern County Trail Development – Eric VanNortwick
Director of Western County Trail Development – Duane Martin
Director of Stream Recreation – Ed Dandar
Director of Public Relations – Jim Hollis
Director of Education – Marian Hamamo
The PWTSC, now an incorporated organization with 501.(c).3 non-profit status, continued to coordinate multiple activities in Prince William County supporting passive trails for recreation and additional launch and retrieve locations for canoes and kayaks on Prince William County Streams. PWTSC became recognized by and coordinated trail planning, building, and maintenance activities with organizations such as the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club, Nokesville Horse Society, Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts, Friends of Conway Robinson, and Kingsbrooke Home Owners Association.