30 Volunteers Help Repair Access Point and Clean-up Lake Jackson Dam Area

Lake Jackson Dam CleanupPWTSC and 30 volunteers cleaned-up the area below Lake Jackson Dam on Saturday, 21 November. Also included was repair of the trail down to the base of the Dam to prevent erosion of a steep slope. The repaired trail also made it easier to move the debris up the trail to a dumpster provided by the Prince William Park Authority.

The PWTSC goal is the establishment of a public canoe/kayak launch and fishing area below the Dam that would provide access to the Occoquan River for passive recreation.  The new canoe/kayak launch area, when completed, will provide for a 9 mile paddling trip to the Bull Run Marina or a 14 mile paddling experience to either the Lake Ridge Marina or Fountainhead Marina.

Lake Jackson Dam CleanupVolunteers in this effort ranged in age from 5 to 66 years old and included several local area citizens, kayak and canoe enthusiasts, two high school students doing Community service hours, PWTSC members and representatives from other volunteer organizations. For more information on this ongoing project, contact Ed Dandar at [email protected].