GMU Piedmont Trail Workday

What a great day to get outside and work on a trail.  On Saturday, October 2, volunteers from PWTSC, George Mason University and local high schools came together to work on the Piedmont Trail.  The Piedmont Trail is located on the Prince William campus of George Mason University and was created in September 2009 by volunteers from the same groups that participated in this workday.

Volunteers worked from 9am-1pm moving and spreading mulch and pit fine out along the trail to repair damage created by the heavy snow early in the year and recent heavy rain.  We used our recently donated Gator to speed up the process of transporting mulch and tools to volunteers so that they could spend more time working on the trail.

Dan Nellis from Mason used a tractor and a Bobcat to preposition mulch and pit fine along the trail in preparation for the workday.  Susan Johnson, Director of the EDGE course at Mason, walked the trail with me on the Friday prior to the workday to coordinate the effort and also participated in the workday spreading pit fine on the trail.  Charvis Campbell from Mason University Life provided food and refreshments for the volunteers and also participated in spreading mulch on the trail.

This workday was a great example of PWTSC working with other organizations in Prince William County to create trails and streams access for the community.  Thank you to all of the members of PWTSC for your trails and streams focus, especially those of you who were able to take time this weekend to participate in this event.