First workday in May – Silver Lake Regional Park

What a way to start the month of May!  Eight volunteers from Prince William Trails and Streams Coalition joined together at Silver Lake Regional Park on the first day of May to perform much needed trail maintenance.  Trails the organization had opened over a year ago had been hit hard by the winter and recent spring storms leaving 15 trees that had been blown down onto the trail, or were left leaning over the trails forcing users to turn back or go around.   Prince William Trails and Streams Coalition volunteers worked to remove all fifteen trees, as well as trim back many of the limbs that were beginning to close in on the trails.  Additionally, the PWTSC used the DR Mower to walk the sections of overgrown trail inaccessible to tractors and bush hogs, but that had grown vegetation making it tough to enjoy hiking the trails with taller grasses and invasive thorn bushes.

We’d like to thank the PWCPA for continuing to support public passive recreation, and the many volunteers who combined efforts to make this happen.  In all, over 26 man-hours were volunteered.  With the completion of this work, several miles of trails are again passable and able to be enjoyed by all.

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It truly was a great work-day.