Cleanup results – Powell’s Creek and Neabsco Creek – Feb 25, 2017

Over 40 volunteers gathered at Neabsco Eagles Park in Woodbridge on Saturday morning, to gather trash from the wooded area behind the ball fields.  This area is a flood plain for Neabsco Creek and trash has accumulated there, swept in by storm water.

At Neabsco Creek, the volunteers gathered about 120 bags of trash, 30 tires, two large propane tanks, two construction barrels, a wheeled trash container, and much more.

Thanks to Boy Scout Troop 317 (from Stafford) and Scout Troop 1363 (from Bethel United Methodist Church, Woodbridge) for participating in the cleanup at Neabsco.

At a site near Powell’s Creek on Saturday morning, a group of 12 volunteers picked up plastic bottles and other trash, filling about 30 bags, preventing it from being swept by storm water into Powell’s Creek and further down the watershed.

Prince William County Public Works Department sent their litter crew to haul the trash from both sites to the landfill. Public Works reports that 5800 lbs./ 2.9 tons of trash was removed from the two sites.