New trail connection between Neabsco Eagles Park and Metz Wetlands

Thanks to the volunteers who came out on Saturday (July 21, 2018) to work on the new trail connection which links Neabsco Eagles Park with the trail network in Metz Wetlands.  Within Metz, the trail continues to the Neabsco boardwalk which is under construction, a part of the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail.  The Wetlands, PHNST and boardwalk will be accessible from the parking area at Neabsco Eagles Park.

We made good progress on the new trail connection before the rain started, and also hiked down to see the new Neabsco boardwalk.  The construction crew was at work on Saturday, at the location where the boardwalk enters Metz.  Work is underway on the landing ramp, and observation areas.